Post Doctoral Fellow

The center’s director, Harold D. Morales is responsible for developing the center’s vision, recruiting committee members, organizing and overseeing committee work, and speak publicly about the center’s projects and activities.

The center’s leadership also conducts ongoing research and networking on issues related to religion and the city. They help support and connect the center’s resources to Morgan’s programs beyond religious studies and philosophy. They draw on their ongoing research projects and networking activities to develop or help develop courses related to religion and the city, to make course materials publicly available through the center’s website, and to ensure that religion and the city courses are regularly taught at Morgan.

Sher Afgan Tareen will be joining the CSRC to help lead the center, teach courses on Religion and Cities at Morgan, and conduct research on Religion and Cities. Dr. Tareen graduated from Florida State University in July of 2019 with a degree in Religious Studies. His dissertation “Raising Children on the Ice Skating Rink: Urban Design, Corporate Stewardship, and Muslim Practices of Motherhood in Reston, VA” asks the question of how urban design structures Muslim practices of motherhood. Dr. Tareen will work on turning his dissertation into a monograph that offers a regional history of Islam in the mid-Atlantic region. One of the key objectives of the monograph is tracing and mapping the distinct urban histories of Baltimore and Washington D.C. through the lived experiences of Muslims in both cities and the areas between the two cities that over the past three decades have spread out towards one another.

Local Advisory Committee

The five member local advisory committee is made up of public scholars whose work engages the city of Baltimore. The committee helps to shape and evaluate the CSRC as well as to foster important partnerships between Morgan and Baltimore communities around issues related to religion and the city. In collaboration with the director, postdoctoral fellow, and national committee, the planning committee helps to develop the guidelines for awarding grants and fellowships and evaluates and selects grant recipients. The planning committee also helps to organize the annual CSRC conference theme, keynote speakers, panelists, community participants, and other logistical tasks.

Current Members:

Ann Duncan, Goucher College

Benjamin Sax, Jewish Studies Scholar at the Institute for Islamic, Christian, and Jewish Studies

Kimberly Lagree, Baltimore City Health Department Trauma Coordinator

Marcos Bisticas-Cocoves, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Morgan

Previous Members:

Joe Pettit, Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Morgan

Samia Kirchner, School of Architecture and Planning at Morgan

Heber Brown, III, Pleasant Hope Baptist Church

National Advisory Committee

The  three member national advisory committee is composed of leading scholars of religion and the city. This committee holds brainstorming, consultation, and evaluation sessions with a focus on broadening the scope of the research center to national audiences. The committee works in collaboration with the director, postdoctoral fellow, and planning committees. It holds a one day board meeting each year in August and consults as needed throughout the year by virtual communication. Members of the Committee also give keynote speeches and lead panel discussions on national discussions of religion and cities, what the CSRC has accomplished, and where progress still needs to be made during the annual CSRC Conference and annual CSRC board meeting.

Current Members:

Katie Day,  United Lutheran Seminary, Philadelphia

Amy Landau, University of California Los Angeles - Fowler Museum

Elise Edwards, Baylor University and co-chair of the Religion and Cities program unit of the American Academy of Religion

Previous Members:

Teresa L. Smallwood, Vanderbilt 's Public Theology and Racial Justice Collaborative

R. Drew Smith, Pittsburgh Theological Seminary


Project Manager- Amrita Bhandari |

Spring 2019 Student Intern - Shemiah Morris