Religion & the City Courses

The proposed center will provide support for the development of innovative courses on religion and the city. Dr. Morales provides a syllabus of the World Religions: a Case for Peace & Justice course and an outline of the Baltimore Mural Student Project.  Dr. Pettit will develop a gateway course for the Shepherd Consortium on Poverty Studies that focuses on religion and poverty in Baltimore.  Dr. Hills will develop a course on Hip-Hop and religion with a focus on Baltimore based musicians, artists, and communities.  Dr. Vannatta will develop a course on religion and law with a focus on Baltimore based case studies. All syllabi and course materials developed with support from the CSRC will be made available here.


World Religions: a case for Peace & Justice

This course introduces the dynamic and influential world religions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. It approaches these traditions as fields of inquiry within the academic study of religion by focusing on their history, beliefs, practices, and influence on contemporary society. Additionally, it explores how these religious traditions have presented challenges to but also contributed to justice and peace. Students engage issues of justice and peace through course content and through the Baltimore Mural Project in order to explore the relation between religion, art and social inequities within the city. The purpose of this course is therefore to provide students with a set of analytical tools and an introductory understanding of world religions in order to become better informed citizens of multi-religious societies and to critically explore and develop new avenues for justice and peace.

Click here to see Dr. Morales' Wabash Teaching Theology & Religion Article:
"The Baltimore Mural Project: An approach to threshold concepts in religious studies"

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