Imagining Justice in Baltimore


Imagining Justice in Baltimore (IJB) is a multi-program year-long exploration of how interreligious conversations and coalitions can serve as a force for good in Baltimore City. IJB was developed by the Institute for Islamic, Christian, and Jewish studies (ICJS) with input from various community leaders. IJB  brings together people from across the city, across religious and socio-economic divides to read, reflect, and speak about religion, justice, and (in?) Baltimore. This yearlong fellowshipbrings together 24 local leaders for sustained interreligious study.  ICJS hosts four citywide public dialogues that engage religious difference in the public square. The fellows facilitate small table discussions at the community conversations.

The influence of religion and ethics is not confined to  institutions nor to particular communities. religious and ethical texts and traditions inform every aspect of civic discourse. Religious communities can play a constructive and a powerful role in creating anetwork of people who know how to address complex and divisive issues. The long-term goal of the initiative is that the city of Baltimore will serve as a model of how interreligious learning can influence vital conversations and shape public life. IJB is currently comprised of two components: (1) the Fellows Cohort/Mini-Course and (2) the City-Wide Community Conversations.

The Center for the Study of Religion and the City (CSRC) is honored to partner with the ICJS. The Center for the Study of Religion and the City (CSRC) director and postdoctoral fellow serves as a member of the IJB organizing committee and provides feedback on how to further develop the IJB. In return, a member of the ICJS serves on the CSRC local planning committee and provides feedback on how to further develop the CSRC.. Through this collaborative partnership, we hope to develop and put in to practice models for justice in Baltimore in conversation with its religious communities.

The 2018 Community Conversations begin in October and will explore the Department of Justice (DOJ) 2016 report, Investigation of the Baltimore City Police Department. This report raises not only political questions, but also theological ones:

How should Baltimore Muslims, Christians, and Jews respond to the injustices and inequities in our community? How can reading our sacred texts together equip us for understanding a secular text like the DOJ report? How might rabbinic discussions from the ancient world inform how our community thinks about police foot chases? How could Thomas Aquinas’ 13th century theological reflections on just war shape policing practices in cities today? How could Muslim jurists from the medieval world illuminate different approaches to law enforcement and community in Baltimore?

Please join us for a series of four community discussions and conversations as we turn to our religious traditions and try to answer these questions together.

29th Street Community Center
300 E 29th St Baltimore, MD 21218

7:00-9:00 PM

Thursday, October 4, 2018
Thursday, October 18, 2018
Thursday, November 1, 2018
Thursday, November 15, 2018

Free, but registration required:

he IJB is a program developed by the ICJS . To learn more  about the program click here . 

he IJB is a program developed by the ICJS. To learn more about the program click here