Religion|City Conference


April 6, 2019 | 9am - 5pm | FREE & open to the Public!

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Morgan State University - 1700 East Cold Spring Lane Baltimore, Maryland 21251
443-885-3333 | CBEIS, Atrium
the CBEIS building is on Perring Pkwy & Burnwood Rd,
there is a parking garage next to the building that will be open & free for the conference

“Great Migrations” 2013 Mural by Gaia

“Great Migrations” 2013 Mural by Gaia

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9:00 AM - Welcome Address

“The City as Memory & Struggle for Social Justice” - Harold D. Morales

“The Role of Art, Religion, & Cities” - Amy Landau

the Ethiopian-Israeli Beta Dance Troupe

the Ethiopian-Israeli Beta Dance Troupe

9:30 AM - Making & Crossing Urban Boundaries

"Dancing around Mount Carmel: “East” Haifa & the Ethiopian-Israeli Beta Dance Troupe” - Amanda Furiasse

"The Southern Gospel of Good Roads: religion, infrastructure, & the landscape of white
- Isaiah Ellis

"The Walking Tour of Malcolm X’s Boston” -Kayla Wheeler

Rohingya Refugees

Rohingya Refugees

11:00 AM - Marginalization & the Space of Care

“Islam & Urban Poverty: Spatializing Care & Challenging Exclusion” - Danielle Widmann

"The Refugee Crisis & Religious Engagement: Suffering, Shelter, & Survival of the Rohingya
Muslims in the Port City of Chittagong, Bangladesh”
- Muhammad Ala Uddin

12:15 PM - Lunch



1:00 PM - Faith Based Political Activism

“Baltimoreans United in Leadership Development/BUILD” - Bishop Douglas Miles

"Public Theology, Racial Justice & the Fight for Democracy” - Teresa Smallwood

“Leaders of a Beautiful Struggle” - Lawrence Grandpre

Baltimore Ceasefire

Baltimore Ceasefire

2:30 PM - Gun Violence & Religious Communities

“Baltimore Ceasefire, Nobody Kill Anybody” - Cody Handy & Charlene Rock-Foster

“Gun Violence & Neighborhood Ecologies” - R. Drew Smith

Black Church Food Network

Black Church Food Network

3:45 PM - Keynote Addresses

“Religion & Cities - State of the Field” - Katie Day

“Religion & Baltimore - State of the City” - Heber Brown

5:00 PM - Conclude

Made possible with generous support from:
the Henry Luce Foundation,
the James H. Gilliam Jr. College of Liberal Arts, the School of Architecture & Planning, & the Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies.

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